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Welcome to site.
You have entered the world of the most
prolific American Artist Shanoor, the
Neo-Symbolic Expressionist.
Shanoor has always sought to take a stand
on the events of our time. From his earlier
endeavors to help AIDS victims and those
fighting breast cancer to his current visual
meditation on freedom, he has felt compelled
to use his diverse talents to express his
conviction in a way that both informs and inspires.  

His work springs from a passionate
commitment to freedom, individuality and
creativity. He has originated a unique
aesthetic language, through his color palette
and graphic images. His paintings speak to
issues that touch all humanity. Joy, grief, hope,
unity, strength, love of family and country;
these are the emotions Shanoor challenges
the viewer to see them reinvigorated and anew.


Special Offer

Eight archival limited edition, matted prints in
a museum-quality black display case.
Available for purchase through Devarj Associates.
P.O. Box 9154
Highland, IN 36432
Phone: 219-923-0906 
E-mail: shanoor(at)cherishfreedom(dot)com

Tribute to -

"Celebrating Freedom 9/11" by Shanoor
Complete set of 8 prints: 7" x 9" Matted size: 11" x 14"

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